A drug addict, homeless veteran living in an RV has to confront an immigrant security guard from Afghanistan who is trying to expel him from his lodging.

Sean, a lonely, disparate and depressed man in his mid thirties is a homeless veteran living in his broken RV around Oakland city neighborhood. Sean is suffering from PTSD and is disturbed by some noise he is hearing. Living in his RV in this dead-end street in Oakland all Sean wants is some peace of mind. He minds his own business and never bothers people in the neighborhood.

On a sunny day, when the beam of light pervades inside the RV, showing Sean high on drugs and leaning on the sofa senselessly. There is a loud disturbing knock on the door and Sean never moves with the first and second knock. On the third one Sean jolts and quickly gets up. Sean looks around him and sees the mess he made while taking the drug. Sean sweeps the entire trash from the top of the table and tosses it inside a trash bag. He quickly walks towards the door and when he opens the door sees Meer – thirties in a security guard uniform asking him to leave the property.

Sean igonroes Meer and walks towards the tree and starts peeing. That makes Meer even more frustrated. While Meer is talking to Sean about leaving the area, Sean sees someone dropping a piece of bread inside the trash can and he walks to pick it up. At that moment Sean finds the head of a mannequin inside the trash can. Sean brings that inside and cuts it in half and then puts it on a sexy lady’s poster on the wall in front of him. At this time there is another knock on the door. And Sean is ignoring that. After repeatedly knocking on the door, Sean gets mad and gets up and opens the door.

Behind the door is not Meer but the other security guard, Alyssa in her 20s. She asks for a cigarette as she forgot hers and can’t wait till the end of her shift. Sean walks out, gives a cigarette to Alyssa and starts talking about Meer who disturbs Sean, asking him to leave the property. Alyssa asks Sean to give Meer a chance as he is from Afghanistan and has the trauma of war. Hearing about the war Sean gets dizzy and drops his cigarette and wobbles to his RV.

Sean gets all of his drugs on a foil and smokes it. He falls unconscious. Time passes and Sean gets up having dizziness and headache. Sean walks up and he doesn’t realize how long he was unconscious. He is hungry, thirsty and eager to get some more drugs. He searches everywhere in the cabinet to see if there are any drugs left, but can’t find any.

Sean desperately walks out of the RV with the hope to get some drug, but walks and walks and walks around the neighborhood but fails to get any drug. Sean falls down unconscious. The next day, Sean comes home and finds out that his girlfriend Carla decides to give him another chance as Sean promised her to change and is here to meet him. When Carla is inside the RV, finds out that Sean is still on drugs and even worse than before. She walks out with anger and when Sean stops on her way trying to prevent her from leaving she kicks in Sean’s balls as Sean falls down and she leaves with anger.

At that moment Meer who was witnessing the arguments walks to Sean and tells him that he deserves worse because not only is he a homeless freak but he brings hookers on the property. Hearing that Sean loses it and pushes Meer down and punches him in the face. Meer too turns back and punches Sean in the face. And there is a fierce battle between both Sean and Meer as Sean’s dizzy again and things get blurry for him and finally he blacks out. When Sean opens his eyes he finds himself inside the RV. He notices that his clothes are soaked with blood. Sean also sees the walkie talkie and a wallet next to him. Sean opens the wallet and sees Meer’s family picture. Sean gets the money out of the wallet and throws the wallet away.

When Sean is busy fixing the car. Someone says hi from behind and Sean jolts out of fear. He turns and sees Alyssa behind him. Sean gets mad at Alyssa for sneaking on him. But Alyssa is here to find out if Sean is trying to leave. Sean, however, is curious where Meer is, and Alyssa tells him that Meer is missing for a couple of days. His entire family in Kabul got killed in a terrorist attack and Meer probably has gone back home to Afghanistan. Sean, however, gets even more worried and he pulls the broken battery out and runs inside the RV. Sean quickly puts the bloody shirt, the walkie talkie and the wallet in a bag and runs out. He throws the bag in the woods and walks towards the main road.

After a very long walk Sean has the new battery in his hand, but he is very tired. Sean asks some cars for a ride but no one stops for him. Sean has to continue before it gets dark so beside being frustrated he walks and walks. Sean almost gives up, a car stops by and Sean runs towards the car. When Sean opens the car sees Meer inside. Meer points out asking Sean to hop in. Sean gets in and Meer drives away. Later Meer’s car drives into the desert and stops in the middle of nowhere.