I live in Canada and I see this commercial on British television. The ad is one of the best I`ve ever seen, and it`s very cute. I wanted to find his name, so I googled the ad! It surely has a great future! In 2012, Arfwedson starred in a TV commercial for the travel site Secret Escapes. Follow-up announcements were also issued in 2013. She played Sheriff Angela Carter in Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines and appeared in the second episode of the BBC sitcom Three Way to Go in 2013 before joining the cast of BBC One`s medical drama Holby City.[5] This display is perfect and the little girl in it is fabulous. Arfwedson was born in Westminster, London, to a Swedish father and an English mother, grew up in Chelsea and attended Francis Holland School as a day girl. She then studied classical philology at the University of Edinburgh.[2] [ref. There she joined the theater company and landed roles in the plays: Sore Throats and A Slight Ache, both directed by Thom Tuck; Skylight directed by Michael Sophocles; Private Lives directed by Frederic Wake-Walker; Bedroom Farce directed by Simon Yadoo; the narrator in the Vagina Monologues directed by Alice Russell. [3] Best TV Commercial Today – Great Personality and Fantastic Expressions Amazing young woman! I hope my granddaughter will be like her! Still my favorite commercial of all time. I stop, whatever I do to see the commercials on TV, The personality that this girl radiates is fantastic, the strutted and pulled faces make a compulsive vision, all the best for your future work We love this ad, the young lady is just great in this part, the perfectly synchronized expressions, We hope to see her much more in the future. Big fan of this girl absolutely blows me away I am Asda so happy that he is back, looking forward to seeing her in the future, all the best to her, please be reasonable and good luck for the future! 😀 This girl is a small diamond. She`s wonderful at Nat West`s advertising and I`m sure her career will blossom.

Good luck young woman. Yes, she is so talented, her face is so expressive, she will go far. Every time I see this commercial, it makes me smile, I could watch it again and again. I can`t wait to see their future blossom, good luck little one. The X The Nat West commercial is one of the best on television, and it`s thanks to this beautiful little actress. Makes me smile every time. I think the combination of his talent and a very talented director makes him the best. I hope to see his career blossom, with films and great TV series; There must be great things in their future! With NatWest MoneySense Commercial, Tallulah Conabeare plays the girl who picks up the pound in a supermarket cart on all social media platforms and on TV. Tallulah has directed other commercials, including for Hilton Hotels alongside Anna Kendrick, and she is known to children across the country as the voice of Candy Cat in Channel 5`s Peppa Pig. For her first feature film, Tallulah voiced the role of Evan in The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales, where she worked with cast members such as Giles New and Celia Imrie. In a conversation with us, Tallulah talks about filming the NatWest commercial, the role of Candy Cat, and her collaboration with Anna Kendrick for Hilton Hotels.

What a brilliant little actress, I love this commercial, her expressions are so good that I think she has a great career ahead of her. What can I say about this announcement that has never been said before? This is without a doubt the best commercial I`ve seen on TV in a long time, and it`s ALL thanks to this young girl. Nat West found here a real diamond, a girl with exceptional talent. May she have a great career, I really wish her all the happiness in the world Beautiful girl who watches when daddy asks for her pound! Brilliant, always makes me smile I also did some commercials with my younger brother Wilbur, for B&Q and F&F, it`s nice to work with him, I usually tell him what to do. It`s great and also funny because I saw Peppa Pig when I was little, and I`ve always loved the character of Candy Cat, and now I`m her. It`s a lot of fun, the people are really nice. It`s exciting to see my name in the credits. Camilla Katrina Arfwedson (born 16 October 1981) is an English actress.

She is known for her roles as Zosia March, doctor of Core Training (Year 2) in Holby City and headlined Secret Escapes from 2012 to 2013. You worked with Karrot Entertainment in Tish Tash and Jade`s Jammies, what can you tell us about it? How did your career come about and have you always wanted to do it? I agree with everything that has been said. A real loan to his parents. Talent, intelligence and appearance, I am sure she will succeed in anything she wants to do. Arfwedson`s television roles included roles in Agatha Christie`s Law & Order: UK and Marple: Murder Is Easy. Her film roles include the role of Lady Charlotte in The Duchess and the role of Burt Reynolds` daughter in the British comedy A Bunch of Amateurs. [4] Categories: Film & TV, Home, Interview, Young actors From Ana de Armas in a biopic Marilyn Monroe to a new Star Wars series, here are the best movies and series to watch in September. She looks like a fabulous young woman with obviously a great future. I hope she will keep her feet “on the ground” How long did you film and what did you like most about your time? Whenever I have a good conversation with someone and they ask me what I`m doing and what I`ve done, I say I`m Candy Cat in Peppa Pig and they`re so excited because everyone knows who Peppa Pig is. It`s a fantastic sight to be a part of it. My mom picked me up from school and said I had the role of Candy Cat, and I thought she was joking because it doesn`t happen every day. I was really upset.

From the realization of the JWT The Elastic Generation report that the subsequent life is not a number, but an attitude. We have positioned Legal & General as a brand that understands the pursuit of its clients` personal ambition and have developed a campaign that celebrates this desire and desire to live life to the fullest. Advertising Agency: JWT, London, UK Creative Director: David Masterman Creatives: Phil Rylance, Leighton Ballet Producer: Luke Mortimer Planner (Creative Agency): Chris Bailey Global Director responsible: Cris Butler Account Manager: Katherine Page Account Manager: Georgie Pascoe Creative Producer: Sarah Perkins Production Assistant: Nadia Amico Director: Leif Johnson Production Company: PACE Content Studios/JWT Head of Content Production: Rachel Moss Editing: Pieter Westerhof Son: Duncan Paterson Note: Specrecom Films Post-Production Sound: Transmission Media Agency: MindShare Evan was something like the cool and feisty chick of the three, who could sometimes be mischievous, for example insulting Big Bad Fox. It was really great to play them and it was really fun. I worked a lot with Giles New, who played the fox, and he was a wonderful actor from whom I learned a lot. She is a little mischievous, loves her parents, she is curious and loves to play with her friends. My mother is an actress and was also a child actress, so I grew up with it. I`ve always loved acting and went to the Globe when I was four to see my first Shakespeare play when our friend appeared. I remember getting a badge that said, “The whole world is a stage.” .