Wiley moves the world forward with research and education. Through publications, platforms and services, we help students, researchers, universities and businesses achieve their goals in an ever-changing world. For more than 200 years, we have been delivering consistent performance to all our stakeholders. The company`s website can be accessed under www.wiley.com. vLex is a leading provider of global legal information and technology, providing access to comprehensive primary and secondary collections from over 100 countries with a single service. Its team of more than 170 lawyers, engineers, and editorial experts constantly strives to provide up-to-date legal information and cutting-edge AI-powered legal technology. vLex`s services also include Vincent, a virtual legal assistant that uses artificial intelligence to perform human searches at machine speed to identify important related documents that may be missed in traditional searches. Vincent can be used with these new collections to discover important documents, including jurisprudence and legislation, related to a particular journal article or book. vLex provides access to a comprehensive collection of legal information from more than 130 countries. Founded over 20 years ago, vLex provides a comprehensive, world-class service to thousands of lawyers, law firms, government departments and law schools around the world. vLex acquired Justis Publishing in March 2019 and integrated its content and capabilities into the flagship vLex Justis platform. Wiley Handbooks in Criminology and Criminal Justice We offer Australian and New Zealand university students legal textbooks at a great price.

These books cover a wide range of areas of law such as business law, corporate law, ethics, and related topics such as international relations and global politics. Are you currently studying law in your first year? We provide the latest issues of popular titles with clear and accessible information to help you understand the most complex legal terms and concepts. Are you willing to seek truth and justice to make a living? While a career in law is rewarding, the path to your degree won`t be easy. The ever-changing landscape of the justice system means that new laws are constantly emerging to put potential criminals behind bars. To help you become a legal expert, we offer a wide range of legal textbooks as part of the Wiley Affordability Program. To learn more about vLex`s new book and journal collections, let us know if you are interested. Law firms, lawyers, and students around the world can now expand their research on vLex with a new collection of more than 70 journals and books. These new collections, covering both North American and European law, are provided by Wiley, one of the world`s leading publishers of high-quality books and magazines, and offer a remarkable resource covering a range of business areas.

“Partnering with vLex allows us to expand our reach of content to lawyers and provide academic context in addition to legal and legislative resources. Wiley continues to drive research impact for our authors and publishing partners by ensuring relevant content is accessible and discoverable for practitioners. The new collections available at vLex include the complete archives of legal journals, which are regularly updated quarterly, as well as a number of books that are updated as new issues are published. Access to this collection through vLex services allows researchers to perform in-depth research on a single platform, as they have the unique advantage of having the largest collection of legal information in the world, including more than 120 million documents from more than 130 countries. When accessing these new collections, researchers and legal professionals can leverage vLex`s powerful search capabilities and intuitive analytics tools to increase the efficiency of their searches in ways not possible with other services. “As one of the largest and most authoritative publishers of online journals and books, Wiley is a recognized leader in the creation of knowledge and research content. We are excited to work with them to provide this new collection of journals and books. Access to these collections will allow researchers and legal practitioners to enhance their research and expand their knowledge base in various areas of practice. Our law textbooks are currently used in major educational institutions in Australia and New Zealand.